Our vision

to provide a virtual clubhouse serving People in recovery.  Staying open to the needs and guidance of our Higher Power and our spiritual community

RCA Logo

RCA Connection Section

Lists of meetings, times and connections, local regional and virtually everywhere

A Couple Connection Section that allows people to list themselves and some details: anniversaries, time zones, languages spoken, available to take program calls, available for temporary sponsorship…

A place where RCA couples can find community even when they are physically isolated from others


Meeting Rooms

Meeting “space” for couples 12 step meetings, including:

  • RCA meetings – any time – everywhere
  • Meetings focusing on personal programs in coupleship
  • Meetings focusing on specific topics or issues
  • Meetings to support those who are losing or have lost a partner
  • Fellowship “space” for couples to connect and talk in a safe, informal setting
  • “Welcome couples” – who would be available at certain times to talk with newcomers or others who have questions or concerns


Recordings of couples shares and talks: encouraging those who are speaking or giving workshops to be recorded so the clubhouse can have a library for others

Lists of resources: books or workshop recommendations from couples who found them helpful

Tools and tips: worksheets, handouts, samples and other things that couples found useful to their own recovery


Opportunities for meetings to use the zoom connection at their meeting so that other couples could listen into the meeting

Opportunities for small groups to “zoom in” speakers or others to attend and share ESH

Opportunities for couples who cannot get to meetings, retreats and conventions –for health or financial or other reasons to be able to share the recovery so freely given to us


A robust calendar of all the events and opportunities available, sensitive to time zones for worldwide participation

An E-News mailing list to keep couples up-to-date of the possibilities and events at the Clubhouse

A bulletin-board community where we can share links to the peoples, places and things that have helped us.

Sharing connections to other groups, meetings, workshops, and couple oriented services.