RCA Group Listing

“An RCA group, as such, should never go into business, but we need to cooperate with many other entities that have similar or supportive aims.   Without this cooperation, we could not let couples that suffer know of our existence and our program.”

RCA Blue Book, 4th Edition


Give your meeting a web page

  • No cost to be listed
  • $5 for changes or notices
  • $20 a year for a web-name
  • No technical work for you group!

RCA Logo


A Web page for your RCA group

Reaching couples virtually everywhere!

The Couples Connection Clubhouse has a mission to reach recovering couples everywhere. One way to do that is using the internet to let people know where RCA groups are and how to find them.  We are offering to list RCA groups at no charge, and to add information – about events or other exciting news for a requested donation of $5 for each change.

If your group would like a web address – such as www.RCA-anywhere.org we can register the name for you and link the domain to your clubhouse page.  There is a $20 a year fee to keep the domain name.

If you would like to register your group, please fill out the form and we will get things rolling!


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