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StoryTime Recordings

2018-01-17Ruth & DebbieA couples meditation from Open Hearts.
2018-02-21Dwayne & MandyRomance & Intimacy - a Valentine's Story
2018-01-17Bill & LindaCoupleship Share: Resolving Conflict
2017-12-20Ruth & DebbieTool: Support Couples
2017-11-15Stephan & MarloCoupleship Share: Overcoming our past - Family of Origin and recovery
2017-10-18Dave & KellyCoupleship Share: Communication, caring and healing a coupleship.
2017-09-20Steve & SherryCoupleship Share: “We owe everything we do right to RCA” Family of origin, recovery and favorite tools and how they used them in RCA recovery.
2017-08-16Bob & BetsyTool: Identifying Coupleship Needs
2017-07-18Ruth & DebbieTool: Division of Labor Agreement Story
2017-06-21Buddy & JenniferCoupleship Share: SA, AA, hope, Pathwork
2017-05-17Bob & BetsyCoupleship Share: Service, Powerlessness, AA OA