Coupleship Affirmations

  1. We are a beautiful, unique couple and we deserve recovery
  2. We treat each other with honor and respect
  3. We are honest, direct, appropriate and respectful with each other
  4. We are totally deserving of unconditional love
  5. We are a work of art in progress
  6. We enrich our relationship by reaching out to other couples committed to recovery
  7. We are changing and growing in the present moment
  8. We seek to build closeness and intimacy by asking for what we need and want
  9. Today we acknowledge that our needs may be different We find healthy ways to get our needs met through many available resources
  10. We communicate our differences with love and respect
  11. We respect each other’s boundaries
  12. We respect each other’s path of recovery
  13. We can each grow at our own pace
  14. We can lovingly confront our partner and share our feelings, even if pain is part of that growth
  15. We know, understand and accept ourselves as a couple We gently invite each other to grow
  16. We support our partner’s individuality with our love and understanding
  17. We support each other’s growth and ability to make healthy choices
  18. We affirm qualities in our partner that we admire We choose to share how these qualities enrich our relationship
  19. Today we affirm the little child within our partner and nurture that special quality
  20. Our relationship grows as we get to know our partner
  21. We are fully developing ourselves as persons within a healthy relationship
  22. We accept and respect our differences and look at how they enhance our relationship
  23. Today we affirm that our partnership is made of two equal, unique parts and that our relationship has a valuable life of its own
  24. We help each other learn how to love
  25. “I Love You” can be said by a touch or a look
  26. We express our love in words and actions on a daily basis
  27. Today we develop balance in all areas of our relationship
  28. We are a gift to share with each other and with other couples
  29. Today we accept that we do not have all the answers
  30. We can be empowered and vulnerable at the same time
  31. We choose to say “no” when we are not safe
  32. We trust our sponsor couple and open ourselves to their experience, strength and hope
  33. We ask our Higher Power for the courage and wisdom to face each new challenge in our coupleship
  34. We are lovable for who we are rather than what we do
  35. We do not abandon each other
  36. We choose to be best friends
  37. We STEPPED in time
  38. Today we have healthy conflict, and there is no winner or loser
  39. We affirm our growth: first we learn to listen: then we listen to learn
  40. We listen to each other with our hearts and we open our minds
  41. We share sorrows and joys
  42. We can agree to disagree It is OK to disagree
  43. Today we choose to let go of fear, to take healthy risks and to become more intimate
  44. We feel relief as we share our fears with each other
  45. We are safe with each other and it is OK to express insights about our mistakes
  46. We are learning to be better parents
  47. We take responsibility for our mistakes and learn from our experiences
  48. It’s OK to love my partner and be angry at the same time
  49. Secrets build walls of confusion and threaten our relationship Today we seek to create an atmosphere of openness and honesty
  50. We let go of expectations and perceived outcomes We place our future in the hands of our Higher Power
  51. Today we choose to live in the present, despite our individual or couple history
  52. We know that much of our anger is based on our family-of-origin baggage
  53. We recognize our triggers without reacting to them We see the underlying family-of-origin issues
  54. We choose to forgive and make peace with ourselves
  55. We forgive each other
  56. We peacefully respond to change, rather than react and create crises
  57. When we come to a crossroads in our life, we reach out to each other, ask for guidance from fellow recovering couples, and seek our Higher Power to find a true path
  58. Our RCA three-legged stool does not topple: Each of us and our coupleship are recovering
  59. We allow ourselves creative space to work and play in many ways We find new directions and opportunities
  60. It is fun to play with each other, and we enjoy playing together
  61. We build intimacy through sharing the ordinary moments in life
  62. We learn from each other’s ability to show love
  63. Today we can find a new way to express our love for our partner
  64. We enjoy each other’s touch. Our couple sexuality is not a barometer of relationship success
  65. We are sexually intimate with each other through words, touches, looks, sounds and thoughts
  66. We accept mutual responsibility for our sexual relationship, both in giving and receiving sexual pleasure and in recognizing each other’s boundaries
  67. We share a spiritual connection through our mutual sexual relationship
  68. As our coupleship heals, hope reappears in our relationship
  69. We relax and enjoy our life right now
  70. Today we have recovery tools to build commitment, caring and communication
  71. We build dreams together and live them one day at a time
  72. We validate our coupleship through our recovery We are proud of who we are
  73. Laughter and healthy humor bring lightness and healing to our relationship
  74. I am recovering with my partner Our coupleship is in recovery
  75. We are steadily growing in intimacy with the help of our Higher Power
  76. We find regular ways to restore our connection with each other and with our Higher Power
  77. We walk together We play together We pray together We are together

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